Daily Archives: November 12, 2018

“If I only knew…” -A common statement from our patients. A typical day can be filled with stress, distractions and obligations. It is easy to get overwhelmed with… well, life.  Sometimes you just have to “keep it simple.” As an outpatient physical therapist for the last 10 years, the most common condition I treat is the spine. It is hard to say which aspect more so, the low back or the neck- as usually they go hand-in-hand. Through extensive training in graduate school and critical continuing education, such as the McKenzie philosophy, every spinal evaluation is individualized to a person’s specific needs and goals. However, there are common presentations/characteristics that are may be demonstrated. We are trained to observe movement patterns and mechanics, so our evaluation starts as soon as we see the individual walk into the clinic. Besides a million other components we are looking for, most individuals that have…

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