Daily Archives: March 24, 2019

Everywhere you turn there are views of snowcapped mountains!  Want to go for a run?  Good luck finding a stretch without a significant hill! Slightly west of Philadelphia, snuggled in the Northern part of Utah, Salt Lake City is a sight to see!  And this weekend did not disappoint! This weekend, March 22-23, The Pro Bono Network, a unique organization founded by Widener University to spread ideas and encourage community service throughout the country, held its second conference this year.  This was the Western Regional Conference hosted by the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Utah.  Widener University’s Institute for Physical Therapy Education and, more specifically the student board of the Pro Bono Network led by the uber passionate and dedicated, Dr. Jill Black, is on a mission!  That mission is to both serve their community by providing pro bono services to the under and uninsured and to help guide…

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